Most of the traders are facing consistent loss in the stock market due to emotional trading, lack of discipline etc... Robo trader will help to eliminate all these issues with this automatic trade firing system. It will analyse the market in realtime , Identify buy sell opportunities, execute the trade automatically without any noticeable delay.

Continues bug fixing.

We have introduced the robo trade for Indian market in 2012 with minimum features, based on client requirement.  We have added many more advanced features like braket orders, Limit edr, level trading, double the quantity on reverse trade, increment qty on reverse trade etc... these features help many of our clients to make consistent profit from auto trading. And also we have a dedicated developer team to fix the software bugs.

Easy to use.

Unlike other auto trading software, our software does not require any programming skills to setup the Robo trade.  Anybody can operate our software without any complications with a few inputs.

Chart integration 

Our software will easily connect with the popular charting platform like Amibroker and MT4 with simple process, without the  help of a software programmer. Adding a single line, just below the Buy,SELL CONDITION OF YOUR TRADING system.

Fast execution

our software is designed for ultra fast trade execution with help of an advance computer coding technology. It ensures, all trade will execute with  proper bid or ask price.

Cost effective

Our Robo Trade software is filled with lots of unique features with ultra low price. most of the highly advanced features are not available in our competitors. In fact they are still in research stage.

Highly Advanced Robo trading Software in India.

Creating a software with conventional method and Advanced method shows a lot of difference in end result. Advanced system will provide an extra edge for user experience. 

Break free robo trading system in India.

Most of our competitors are facing a common issue  that is, between the trading session its stop multiple time. It make lots of fuzz to the trader. Our Robo trade software has been tested in different environments and passed its high level of accuracy .

Unique features.

Limit order.

Have you ever seen this feature in any other auto trade software? All softwares will fire only Market orders. Our developers successfully found  solutions to fire limit orders for all segments with advanced coding technique. 

Multiple type of Trailing software.

Based on the strategy, You can set variety of trailing stop loss in our software like simple trailing stop loss, Trailing stop loss after target 1 hit, after hitting the target 1, trailing stop loss will move to entry price, reverse on stop loss and repeat buy sell on stop loss etc...

Money Management 

User can activate variety of money management techniques for a single scrip or campaigned scrip. If a trader added 10 scrip for Auto trading and fix Rs.20000.00 for campaigned Target and Rs.6000 Loss. Whenever the total profit or loss meet the above figure, automatically squires off all scrips. It is very useful to maintain a favorable risk reward ratio.

Signal from X scrip and trade to Y scrip.

One of the interesting unique feature from Real Robo Trader. When a trader finds a buy opportunity in future chart, But he wants to trade Option contract instead of future, So he can set signal source at Future chart and trading scrip at options. Ex: Signal appear in NIFTY Future, trade will execute in Nifty options.

 Adjust Target 1 to NPNL on reverse.

Most interesting feature of our robo software is, Imagine a trader trading with some levels has got a buy signal at x point. After executing buy signal, market starts to reverse. When market reverses as usual it sellss the buy position and creates a fresh shot. Now he made a loss for his long position and whatever the loss he made in long position , robo  keeps in its memory and whenever short position achieves the profit will equal his previous lot, robo will partially book the profit. So his loss is nil.

Risk Management

Risk management is an ideal way to utilize your capital in an effective way. Imagine You have added 200 Scrips in Robo Trader. But you have no capital to trade those 200 scrips.So you can set"Maximum active order" feature to limit the Scrip quantity based on your capital.

 And also Risk management  feature you can utilize to control maximum long orders, short orders and also maximum order per scrip etc.

Time management in Auto trade software.

This feature will give flexibility to manage the trade start time, squire off time and also trader can switch between Intraday and positional trade. 

Trade notification

Robotrade notification is useful for getting SMS, email to your mobile or inbox on the move.

Active order

This section will give you the complete details about each and every activity of your software like executed trade, completed trade, Open position, Active order profit, completed trade profit, cumulative profit and also session turnover etc... . And also this section will help you to manage on going trade like reset the target and stop loss in Robo Trader.

Current Session booked orders.

This will give a detailed statement of all completed trades like entry time, entry price,quantity, exit time,exit price Profit and loss etc.... . this feature is very much useful for paper traders to evaluate the robo trader and also robo trade strategies evaluation.

Completed orders.

This section will give a completed trade statement not only from a particular date ,but also get detailed report of scrip wise and instrument wise summary.

Level trading in Autotrade software.

Many traders like to use variety of levels in their day to day trading like, Pivot level,W.D Gann level, ORB (opening Range Breakout) levels etc. Our Auto Trade software developers have developed an interesting algorithm to help these category of traders. Buy Sell,Short,Cover levels can be set in advance even before  the market opens.

Multi client Robo trader software or Dealer Robo Software.

This is an updated verion of Robo trader single client software. In this software dealer/broker can map all his clients under one robo software. And also he can customize each client to different scrip and different quantity. For example, Client A can set only crudeoil 2 lot. Client B can set Nifty 1 lot, bank nifty 1 lot, crude mini 5 lot etc..